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World Apart

Making ordinary life work better for extraordinary people.

K. Leneh Buckle, BSc, MA
07539 221159

Time to get your life in order?

We provide individualised coaching, support and training for people with autism and other differences. We are a World Apart because we provide a unique approach to neurological differences fuelled by understanding from the inside. Knowing how it is to struggle with decisions, day to day tasks, organisation and interaction, we can apply this understanding to help you overcome your own challenges. We can help discover your strengths and use them to get control of your life and reach your goals.


My passion is making autistic people's lives better, both by working directly with people with autism and by helping those who live and work with them to better understand autistic thinking and needs. I have formal education and personal experience to support me in this. As an autistic person with a degree in neuroscience and many friends and relatives (including my own children) with autism, ADHD and mental health challenges, I know first, second and third hand what it is like to live with these differences. Always adopting a positive approach, I hope to help you and your family to live lives that are more effective, less chaotic, more independent and filled with greater understanding.


At World Apart we believe in a positive approach to disability. While conditions such as autism, ADHD and mental health issues bring extraordinary hurdles, they also bring extraordinary gifts. We will help you or your loved one to uncover those gifts and use them to make a better life. Always working with, not against, the unique characteristics of each individual, we will help to create and optimise systems and strategies that work for you.


Free consultation by Skype, telephone or e-mail to find out whether any of our services may be suited to you.

Sliding scale offered for people on low incomes, and in some cases help may be funded by Direct Payments or Personal Budgets. Consult with your individual budget provider.

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